Author Rahul Sharma

Author Rahul Sharma

Author-Rahul Sharma

( Founder of SEO Services Edge )

Hello web freaks,

This blog will quench your undying thirst for the best and the most freshest of updates from the SEO industry. As a proud owner of SEO Services Edge blog I would like to introduce myself. I am Rahul Sharma a certified Author and web optimizer. The work that I do is the love of my life. I am not just passionate about tech stuff but in fact I am totally into it. The idea and conception of this blog came to me as a part of my quest to find the latest updates going around the web.

Quite like you, even I browsed the web for a site which could give me the latest + trust-able details about web updates- latest Google updates, Penguin and Panda updates, SEO updates, news articles & press releases etc . But I could not get hold of even as single site that was solely dedicated to my search. So I thought of coming up with one of my own. With SEO Services Edge one would never have to shuttle from one site to another looking for information. To make things simpler, all the content published on my site is crafted in a reader friendly manner. So techy or no techy- Anyone can read this stuff and get a grab of what is going around the web world.

As the famous saying goes-“Practice makes perfect”, I have been a part of the web industry for the past six years and my experience truly counts when I dedicatedly present the minutest of details linked to web development and online success.

On the last note- I just want everybody on my blog to have a good time so web freaks let the tech love flow. Keep reading, liking and sharing. Thank you all.

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