Matt Cutts: Guest Blogging is Dead or Done for the Purpose of SEO

Matt Cutts, the head of webspam fundamentally proclaimed visitor blogging dead. Google has been cautioning webmasters about visitor blogging abuse throughout recent years.

Cutts received an email from a “substance advertiser” offering a visitor blog entry in exchange for “a dofollow connection or two in the article figure,” which Cutts calls a “reasonable violation of Google’s quality guidelines.”

“At last, this is the reason we can’t have delightful things in the SEO space: a pattern begins as genuine. We’ve arrived at the focus in the descending winding where individuals are selling “visitor post is outsourcing” and composing articles about “how to robotize visitor blogging.”

Generally he wouldn’t suggest accepting a visitor blog entry unless you are ready to vouch for somebody personally. In like manner, he wouldn’t propose depending on visitor posting, visitor blogging sites, or visitor blogging SEO as a method of linkbuilding.

Later, Cutts wound up updating the post, toning down the message fundamentally.

He said he is not attempting to toss the child out with the shower water. There are still a lot reasons like introduction, marking, expanded achieve, group, etc. Google has been existed path to proceed in future. There are totally some awesome, fantastic visitor bloggers out there. He changed the title of this post to make it clearer that he is discussing visitor blogging for the purposes of SEO.

The title now remains as “The Decay and fall of guest blogging FOR SEO”.


“I’m likewise not discussing multi-creator web journals,” he included. “Brilliant multi-creator online journals like Boing have been around since the start of the web, and they might be compelling, grand, and handy. I only need to highlight that a cluster of low-quality or spam locales have hooked on to ‘visitor blogging’ as their external link establishment method, and we see a great deal more spammy endeavors to do visitor blogging. Due to that, I’d suggest doubt (or anyhow alert) when somebody connects and offers you a visitor online journal article.”

It might be fascinating to take after how well Google could figure out what is great vs. what is terrible.

Unanticipated remarks were a bit reproachful of this stance. One compared it with the analogy of tossing the child out with the bathwater which means the ruinous of guest bloggers who truly offer honest, quality substance on true, quality objectives.

Thus the purpose of this blog is to discuss the advantage of guest blogging for search engine optimization (SEO).

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